You Deserve to Not Be Miserable

Just had a Zoom meeting (re: finances for Serendib, our need to start looking for a part-time business manager, etc.), and was struck by the fact that I was perfectly fine with doing the meeting, and I had a nice time chatting with my Serendib peeps…

…and this is in sharp contrast to a month ago when the thought of yet another Zoom meeting filled me with dread and I had to force myself to do them and actually cancelled a bunch of them.

No real conclusions, except that when things are filling you with dread, if you can cancel them without too much in the way of negative repercussions, you probably should.

And also maybe talk to a therapist or spend some time in rest & rejuvenation, because it has been a long hard pandemic year, and we are not machines for work.

You deserve to not be miserable.

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