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Are people tired of pandemic processing? I actually found it kind of fascinating listening to episode 5 of our podcast, recorded when we were two months into the pandemic (in May 2021).

On the one hand, as Benjamin Rosenbaum notes in his intro, he was way more optimistic about Switzerland’s response than ended up warranted, alas. I feel sort of validated that my estimate of how long it would likely be until America started heading back towards ‘normal’ — after vaccines, and probably at least a year, turned out to be fairly accurate.

But mostly, it’s just kind of fascinating listening to us talk, hearing just how stressed I still was, climbing out of a serious panic and bad mental health state, still trying to navigate risk with Kevin and the tensions of that, etc.

Also fascinating how different Ben’s experience was — he had much more personal / familial fear of disease, and found going out to the grocery store, for example, really stressful. Whereas for me, it was making myself stay inside that was incredibly difficult — I did it, but it chafed mightily. (Still does. Thank you science, for vaccines. THANK YOU.)

If you’re still processing your own thoughts about the pandemic, maybe this would be interesting, if only to see how different people’s experiences of this has been.

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