A Grown-Up Ice Cream Sundae Night

Being a grown-up sometimes means you decide it’s ice cream sundae night for no particular reason. Kevin opted out, but the kids were thrilled. Base of strawberry ice cream (Breyer’s was not strawberry enough for Kavi and my taste, though — recs for more strawberry strawberry ice cream welcome):

• I went for banana, strawberry, raspberry, and dark Callebaut chocolate chips

• Kavi wanted just loads of fresh strawberries + Callebaut ruby chocolate chips (she says it’s really good)

• Anand had his with my suggested banana + milk toffee crumble combo, which is an inspired combination, if I do say so myself; we both agreed his would have been even better with a great vanilla bean ice cream; clearly I should always have great vanilla bean ice cream in the freezer.

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