Working On the Table of Contents

Spending a little time this morning trying to figure out what I want to include in Vegan Serendib. I’d really like to finalize the table of contents by the end of April, and I think that’s do-able. The plan was to remove all the meat and fish and egg recipes from Feast (about 40), and replace those with 40 new vegan recipes from Sri Lanka.

The problem isn’t finding those — the problem is narrowing down which ones to include. So far, I’m pretty happy with all of these, which means I probably have room for about 10-15 more. I kind of lost track of my test cooks last fall when things got busy (I blame the pandemic and switching to online teaching), so I need to ask people to start test cooking recipes again.

I kind of love that the Vegetables section has expanded to Savory Fruits, Flowers, and Vegetables. There’s a rose & hibiscus salad coming, for example. 🙂



• Bottle Gourd and Spinach Curry:

• Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Jaggery, Balsamic, and Cayenne:

• Green Chili Curry:

• Green Tomato and Lentil Curry:

– tested by Taylor, Lucinda, Jennifer, Linda

• Dried Hibiscus Poriyal:

• Hibiscus (Shoeflower) Curry / Sembaruthipoo Kari:

• Pineapple Curry with Coconut Milk and Saffron:

• Mild Green Plantain Curry:

• Spicy Plantain Curry:

• Tempered Green Plantain Peel:

• Pumpkin Curry:


• Green Tomato Chutney with Apples:

– tested by Jude and Jessica

• Quick-Pickled Cucumber-Carrot Relish:

– tested by Maya

• Eggplant Pickle / Brinjal Moju:

• Spicy Pineapple Pickle (Achar):

• Plantain Sambol:

• Roasted Pumpkin Seeds:


• Curried Pumpkin Soup:


• Keerai (Spinach) Pittu:

• Milk Rice / Kiri Bath (with Bottle Gourd variation):

• Tamarind Rice with Black Lentils:

• Toasted Coconut and Sesame Rice, with Black Lentils:


• Lime & Coconut Scones, with Lime Glaze:

• Mango-Ginger Scones, topped with Jaggery:

• Irasavalli Kizhangu Kanji / Purple Yam Pudding or Porridge:

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