Sorry for Myself

I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday (just because of long pandemic, no real reason otherwise), so I went ahead and bought a magnolia tree that I’ve been wanting forever. It’s bigger than I can manage to plant myself (and won’t fit in my car either), so they’ll be delivering it soon and planting it for me.

AND I was feeling sorry for myself today (headache from second Moderna shot), so I went ahead and bought myself sushi from Sen, even though I had plenty of fine food in the fridge already.

I might need to put myself to sleep or something so I don’t just keep feeling sorry for myself and spending money….

Here. Rather than just inflict my whinging on you, please enjoy some checkered (and white) fritillaries. They are a little overcrowded, and when I feel up to it, I want to dig them up and spread them out a little more. But they are pretty and surprising — who knew that nature could do a checkered pattern on a petal? Wacky.

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