Clothes that Pop

Kavi’s ‘neutral’ mask thing this morning reminded me of an odd thing I’ve been meaning to post about for myself. I generally like wearing white or cream clothes, which ‘pop’ against my dark skin; I also love interesting, beautiful prints, like the ones pictured on these masks.

And so I’ve sewn a bunch of masks in those, and they’re fine — but I’ve been realizing that if I put something light-colored on my brown face, it looks weird to me. Suddenly 2/3 of my facial presentation is light, and it seems very glaring and dominant. (Really dark is also kind of distracting, though not as troubling.)

All of which to say, if I want my masks to match / coordinate with my clothes sometimes, and I do, I might end up doing the kind of thing Kavi’s doing now, and getting some darker neutrals (olives, browns) for masks. Some that come very close to matching my skin tone. So my face still looks the right shade of brown when I glance in the mirror. Which also might mean wearing more dark neutrals in my clothing generally.

Weird. I wonder if this is a widespread enough thing that it’ll actually affect fashion, or if it’s just me. 🙂 I mean, I’m happy to put together an outfit with a mask that pops on occasion! But for just puttering around the neighborhood, working in the front garden, etc., I kind of want some basic neutrals.

I have to work on teaching and laundry for most of the day today, but if I get a little free time, I might try designing a fabric with something close to my skin tone for the base, and then a subtle block print pattern on top of that.

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