Garden Log 3/27/21

• I’m not sure what that first little purple bulb is, but it’s cute

• I tried hiring some local teens to plant bulbs for me last fall, and they didn’t know anything about gardening, so when they dug a trench for bulbs, they dug it really narrow, and I should’ve made them widen it, but they were getting tired by that point and I didn’t have the heart, so now I have a very narrow ribbon of daffodils which is going to look a little silly. It’s okay. 🙂 Will likely dig up and move over some more daffodils as my other patches spread, so it’ll look a little more natural next year

• forsythia getting ready to bloom, yay — when it does, time to prune the roses! (folk wisdom, good reminder)

• Kavi helped me assemble the new temporary greenhouse, woohoo! Very excited to be able to move some of the seedlings from the basement grow lights out and make room for starting new seeds. 🙂 I’m also planning to try growing some peppers and eggplant in there in the summer, see if they do better with the extra heat. I always feel like it’s a bit of a race with our climate, getting those two to happy full growth

• Arya says, “Why are you working so hard? It’s warm and occasionally sunny at times; it’s a good day for basking.”

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