I Could Get Used to This

Can I just say, it turns out that having Jed staying with us for a month means that we always have fresh The Daly Bagel sesame bagels in the house, and I could really get used to this. Could I happily eat them every breakfast for a solid month? Yes, yes I could.

Schedule for today — I had an iGov meeting at 9 that just finished; we’re working towards more collaborations, which I think is great. Normally I’d host co-writing on Saturday morning, but Darius is doing that for me, since my schedule is a little busy today. I have a candidate meet-and-greet at 11, and then I’m actually unscheduled until 8 p.m., when I’m planning to attend an ICFA panel.

I can’t remember the last time I had that much unscheduled time; I am a little beside myself and feeling spoiled for choice, and with decision paralysis as a result. I mean, the house is in dire need of cleaning, and that could easily eat up all that time, but then I’d cry, so let’s not do that. But I do have to go to the bank.

So I think it’s:

– post some garden photos
– add some more rings to resin pieces
– candidate meet-and-greet
– go to bank and open campaign account
– garden!
– clean basement with Jed and Kevin for an hour? (There’s a lot of Christmas that never got properly put away still, and it’s getting in the way of doing other work.)
– play a board game?
– goof off?

– ICFA panel

It’ll be a nice day, I think.

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