Working on My Celestial Resin Pieces

Spent a little time this morning working on my celestial resin pieces — these are going to be jewelry, I think? Or maybe keychains? I’m not quite sure what to do with them — I think for the March Patreon boxes (which I’m about to start putting together), I’m going to write to the recipients and ask them if they’d like:

a) a celestial bookmark
b) a celestial pendant (which they can attach to a necklace or keychain)
c) a dried flower bookmark
d) a dried flower pendant (ditto)
e) a bright pink candy bookmark
f) a candy pendant (ditto)

g) no resin — just more actual sweets 🙂

It’s a little extra e-mail management, but I’d rather not send someone a pendant they’ll never use when they’d adore a bookmark, or vice versa. 🙂

(Link to Patreon in comments — the next box will be June-ish, and I think the theme will be “Honey & the Sea”.)

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