Garden Log 3/16/21

I was a little worried that I’d killed my seedlings by forgetting to water for a few days — having them down in the basement means that when I get busy with work, it’s easy for me to forget.

But I went down Sunday, found them sad and withering, hurriedly gave them lots of water (and yes, I use self-watering trays for the seedlings, but that only works as long as there’s still water in the tray…), and they mostly seem to have revived, whew. Not as good as they could be, but hopefully they’ll continue to recover (and hopefully I won’t forget to water again).

I transferred some of the seedlings into slightly larger pots, and moved them to the top shelf, where I have a layer of clay pebbles as a humidity tray — if I miss a day of watering, the water I’ve poured over those should help tide the seedlings over. The two lower shelves have heat mats, for seedlings that are starting germination.

And oh, I had a new success — the sea holly seedlings required a period of chilling before germination. So I tried just potting them up in the seedling tray, added a bit of water, put the lid on, and stuck them in the basement fridge for a few weeks. Brought them out a few days ago, put them on the heat mat — and look! Germination! Very exciting.

Most native seeds seem to require chilling, and I was a little intimidated by that, but I’m feeling better about my chances with those now. 🙂

I’m almost certainly going to have more of everything than I have room to plant, so expect more seedling giveaways to come. I’m figuring that I’ll wait ’til I have a bunch ready (and reasonably healthy) and will then give them away. So maybe another week or so for the next batch.

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