A Get-up-at-5-to-6-A.M. Girl

I used to be a get-up-at-5-to-6-a.m. girl as a default when I lived alone. With Kevin and the kids, that tends to slip later, and an hour or so later feels fine, if not quite as good. But the pandemic sometimes had me staying up ’til 2 a.m., and that was not good for me (though I know some people love it). Trying to get my mornings back; today, I’m up a little early to try to finish some grading before class.

Candles lit, humidifier pumping out moisture, little fan moving air in my office, coffee by my side, meds taken — going to put on some music to help me focus, and it’s feels a little goofy that there are so many steps to getting ready to work, but oh well, here we are. Onwards.

Let’s see what the students made of their attempts at performing theoretical analyses, shall we? This should be interesting.

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