Metal and Glitter

Today’s resin bookmark experiments, in progress. Metal inclusions, glitter. I think they’re coming along nicely — now we wait 24 hrs for them to cure enough to un-mold. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the glitter, but I definitely do for this project — I spooned little piles of glitter in, and then used a toothpick-like tool to spread them into star trails. 🙂

I’m considering adding a deep blue layer of resin to the backs when I un-mold these; I’ll probably try it on at least some of them. We’ll see.

(I was sort of startled that I could buy masses of little metal cute inclusions for just $7, but I guess that’s globalization and consequent economic inequities for you. It’s going to be interesting once the rest of the world recovers from colonialism, etc., and Americans no longer have access to wildly cheap goods like this. There will be some adapting to do.)

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