Heading Home

Heading home today from the writing retreat. The morning is teaching, and I need to do a little campaign stuff too, but this afternoon, after doing some straightening up, I might be able to do a little sewing. Definitely tomorrow, if not today!

These arrived yesterday — my “Unicorn Woods” in brights in the modern jersey, and in pastels in chiffon, all for infinity scarves. They’re going to look great, I think. When we have our garden club meetings in person again, I totally want to wear a pastel pink unicorn garden scarf to the meeting.

I need to inventory all the tea towels and scarves I have on hand, so I can ask my Patreon peeps which ones they’d like. I think the lowest tier (which has to fit in a small priority mail box) will get a resin bookmark this time around, and the upper tiers will get some fabric treats. Along with the sweets, of course. 🙂

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