A Lovely Novel Retreat Week

It was a lovely novel retreat week with Jed Hartman in the Airbnb, and it was definitely more productive writing-novel-wise, not thinking about any house maintenance for that time, and I’ve got rather a lot of cleaning to do now to get it back up to how I like it (Kev and the kids maintain at a certain level, but I am more particular), so I may not get to write again today…

…but all that said, I do rather ADORE my house, and it’s very good to be home again. We’ve been in this house a decade, and we’ll probably do at least another 7-10 years of it before we start to think about downsizing, and I intend to enjoy every minute.


(View if you look straight up from the desk in my office. We built this tower, and I had the contractors paint the ceiling deep blue, and put a star at the top.)

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