Not Quite Ready for This Yet

It’s funny — I stopped by a local coffeeshop yesterday to pick up a latte, which already felt a little indulgent, because mostly we haven’t been doing that kind of casual in-person shopping, but numbers here in Oak Park are really quite low, getting back to late August lows, so it felt fairly reasonable.

But then the coffeeshop itself, which, to be fair, is a biggish space, had several people sitting at tables unmasked. And some of them were eating and drinking, but one guy was just sitting and working on his laptop.

They were all young, but it’s possible they were vaccinated already — healthcare or other essential workers? I certainly wouldn’t begrudge an EMT a few hours sitting unmasked in a coffeeshop with his laptop, after this past year.

I sort of wish people had a little purple button or something they could wear, to indicate ‘vaccinated’. But of course, when you start asking people to wear identifying marks like that, you’re getting into troublesome territory, so probably best not.

Unnerving, though. I’m not quite ready for this yet.

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