Moderately Reasonable Amount of Food

Okay, I swear, we ordered a moderately reasonable amount of food for two people.

We ordered:
– one samosa chaat appetizer
– two orders of naan
– aloo mutter mushroom (potatoes and peas)
– egg and potato mild curry
– tarka dal (spiced lentils)

– one lassi each

I mean, it’s a little more than we probably needed for two, but he’s vegetarian and so we were ordering vegetarian, and I’m not vegetarian and I get a little anxious that there won’t be enough food, so I threw in the egg and potato curry at the last minute, just to be sure there was some extra protein in there, and I’m on a novel-writing sprint and wanted to be sure there was enough food for tomorrow too…

…but then Khyber Pass Restaurant also included:

– two large containers of rice
– one container of a vegetable soup thing (that they usually include)

– AND three desserts (one gulab jamun and two others that I’m not sure what they are, maybe kheer).

And hey, even though I was full, I ate the gulab jamun, because I’m not made of stone, people. But for the record, we didn’t actually order quite this much. Guess they were feeling generous tonight!

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