Mad Writer Props

When I stopped by the house today to check in on family and plants, there was a big package from Spoonflower, so of course I opened it, and I feel like I deserve mad writer props for NOT immediately taking the fabric (once washed and dried) down to the sewing machine to start playing with it, because I am on a novel-writing-sprint right now, and that means I am NOT allowed to get distracted with crafty things.

But these fabrics will eventually become jersey infinity scarves and bright summer napkins and unicorn garden tea towels (for Patreon spring boxes), and bright blue chiffon jasmine scarves and one fun surprise project, if it works out, involving the bright pink Mayura Raksha fabric, fingers crossed.

Maybe I’ll reward myself for being so diligent by sewing myself a tardigrade infinity scarf next week. But do I want the tiny pink-on-pink tardigrades, or the small pink-on-cream tardigrades? Decisions are hard. I should stop thinking about this and go back to writing.

You, on the other hand, may NOT be on a novel-writing sprint, and if so, you should feel free to wander over to Spoonflower and buy as much fabric as you like, and then sew it up as soon as it arrives (once it’s properly washed and dried, of course). 🙂

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