Like Game of Thrones, But Light and More Peppy

This is very fun — we’ve been working with a local musician, Thor Bremer, to add some original music to our little 9 second intro video (animation by Brandon Hadnot) for the podcast / Youtube series (Mohanraj and Rosenbaum Are Humans, hopefully launching March 15th, my god, that’s soon, argh….).

I really like what he’s done here, and so does Jed Hartman (whom I think I’ve persuaded into being a consulting editor on the project, exerting all of my wiles (which mostly means I keep bringing him curry)), so I think we’ll probably be going with this for the first season at least, if Benjamin Rosenbaum and Darius Vinesar sign off on it.

I particularly want to note that Thor managed to get something usable out of my babbling about what kind of music we were looking for. I think I said something like “Sort of like Game of Thrones, but lighter and more peppy.” Props to Thor for translating that into something that works.


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