A Collaborative Poem

I’m teaching the Surrealists this week (along with High Modernism), and I am tempted to record a video lecture, chop it up into random bits, reassemble it, and then invite my students to make whatever sense out of it they’d like.

I am not actually going to do that, but it would be funny. 🙂 My lecture is actually a poem! A collaborative poem!

I did give them a tiny creative writing assignment, even though it’s a lit. class — they’re asked to either try some free direct discourse, free indirect discourse, or automatic writing. We’ll see what they come up with.

(I just WISH I had a recording of my fabulous high school teacher Luci Fortunato performing the end of Joyce’s _Ulysses_ for them to watch, because she did an amazing job with it, and I will never forget her \ performance. Lisette Bross, you were in that class too, I think…?)

Pictured: Dada-ist poem by Tristan Tzara

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