31 Days of Promotion

Brainstorming help? I’d kind of like to do 31 days of promotional events / treats / etc. for Feast’s book birthday month, which is March. The pandemic kind of destroyed all our launch plans — we had to cancel months of events. So this is a little bit of making up for that (and hopefully moving some of the stock of books in my basement….)

We have a roti-making class with Pooja Makhijani set up so far, so that takes care of one day — just 30 more to go.

Ideally these are things that can be done without putting anyone at risk, pandemic-wise. Mostly for the online community, although I might do one or two porch pick-up things for locals.

Suggestions very welcome, as this is really not my area of expertise. What can I do to celebrate a cookbook? Can you help me generate a list?

So far, I have:

– cooking class (done!)
– panel discussion on Sri Lankan food (in progress setting up)
– how-to-write-a-cookbook class (maybe broken up into parts, one for developing recipes, one for the business aspects)
– win a writing coaching session — everyone who buys a cookbook is entered into a lottery for one of 3 30-minute writing coaching sessions via Zoom
– 25% off sale — all editions of Feast are 25% off! Biggest sale yet!

– free digital cookbook — comment on the post to be entered to win one of a dozen beautiful ebooks of Feast, ideal for paging through your tablet on a stand in the kitchen…

PHYSICAL OBJECTS (need to limit due to my capacity):
– tea towel giveaway (buy a print cookbook, and be entered into a giveaway for one of several tea towels in exclusive Serendib House prints?)
– apron giveaway (ditto)
– sweets day (every print book sold comes with a half-dozen pieces of Sri Lankan milk toffee (U.S.-only)
– handmade soap day (every print book sold comes with turmeric-marigold shea butter soap)
– books and more books day (every print book sold comes with another print book of mine (immigrant lit., sci-fi, or romance, while supplies last)

– vegan day (every book sold (any edition) comes with a pre-order digital copy of Vegan Serendib

– what else?

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