The Easiest Choice

I woke up and finished reading a Courtney Milan novella, and had scones with butter and coffee and meds and I’ve decided to work in the basement today, so have moved all my digital stuff down here, and all that is good….but I’m now feeling a sort of frantic paralysis at all the things that I could be doing, and of course, I can’t do ALL of them today, and I certainly can’t do all of them at once… gah.

Lists, Mary Anne. You know the solution to this problem. Do not sit around feeling paralyzed, do NOT start reading another delicious novel even though that is by far the easiest choice. Take all your multitudinous lists and pick a few things from each for today’s list. Okay, go:

– prep for this week’s classes (3 hrs, reading criticism, choosing material for students to read, writing up weekly lesson plan) — DONE
– read and critique Emmanuel Henderson’s story when he sends it to me
– pot up a few plants that need it, or at least water the poor things — DONE

– exercise

– finalize items for Valentine’s sale and send to Stephanie Bailey, so she can get order page ready — DONE
– write up and post recipe for mango-passionfruit curd — DONE
– write up and post recipe for mango-passionfruit ice cream — DONE
– write up and post recipe for mango-ginger cream scones
– try making vegan mango-ginger scones for Vegan Serendib

– try making vegan roasted squash with roasted cashews, coconut milk drizzle and micro greens for Vegan Serendib (not a traditional Sri Lankan recipe, but I figure we can have a few fun variations in here)

– finish revising “Hush” (should be quick, not much to do) and send to Jed for his thoughts — DONE
– draw map of Jump Space system

– publicize pre-order link for _Whether Change: The Revolution Will Be Weird_ ( — DONE

– try sewing a new mask pattern, so I can offer it for sale if I like it
– finish sewing silk pajama top in “Starry Woods” for myself
– add Kavi’s “Heartplanets” to Spoonflower fabric
– keep working with Kavi on revising “Heartflowers” design (we still love this image, but trying some variations on it) — DONE

– start drafting something for Spoonflower’s next challenge (damask)

– put away clean laundry from yesterday

– clear up one more area of the house — DONE (garden potting area)

Okay. A plan. It’s good to have a plan. A little writing, a little gardening, a little sewing, a little cooking, a little drawing, a little teaching, a little cleaning. It’s all good. Breathe, Mary Anne.

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