Great Work, Zazzle

And look what fun thing arrived today — a holiday apron from Zazzle, with my Starry Woods design. Yes, I know this is totally the wrong time of year to be advertising such a thing, though I guess it could be a Valentine’s apron. I’m not sure people DO Valentine’s aprons? I am clearly not so great at planning designs and such for seasonal shopping.

I was wondering whether I’d want pockets in it, but I care about that more for the garden, I think. For a kitchen apron, I don’t really need pockets — I mostly just want something I can put on in the last few hours before a party, after I’ve gotten dressed in my party clothes, but when I still have some messy cooking to do. I like that this is fairly long, so it’s pretty protective of nice clothes.

Good work, Zazzle. 🙂 I still want to try sewing an apron myself, but there is a long list of sewing projects I want to do, so it may be a little bit…

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