A Great Practitioner of Satisficing

Did a little sewing this weekend, experimenting with Spoonflower’s jersey fabric some more, in my Starry Woods pattern. I made another wide headband — I love making these, they’re super-fast and easy and very useful for keeping my hair out of my face and looking semi-decent even if I’ve basically just rolled out of bed. Not that I’m seeing people in person very much, but I do a fair bit of Zooming. 🙂

And then I tried making a stole / shawl / not sure what to call it. A big rectangle of fabric. I thought about lining it, but I ended up just doubling the fabric, making it reversible, which worked. It did end up a little shorter than I’d ideally like, so I thought about adding something to the end — a bit of velvet or some such — but I probably won’t bother. It works fine as it is, and I am a great practitioner of satisficing.

I’m also probably not really going to use it for a year, so I can always add a little length down the road, if I want — I was picturing it as something I’d wear to a holiday party, over a simple grey or white or black dress, perhaps. Will we be going to holiday parties in 2021? I think so. Crossing fingers and toes…

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