Kicking It Into Gear

Folks, I am starting to put my OPRF school board campaign into gear. To that end, a few roles:

CAMPAIGN MANAGER: I wasn’t planning to hire a campaign manager (it *is* a local school board election), but if you are someone interested in volunteering as such, please do drop me a line! No experience needed; I can teach you what you would be doing, which is mostly coordinating the calendar (to make sure I don’t forget to do stuff) and the volunteers (so we can distribute our efforts effectively).

CAMPAIGN VOLUNTEER: I’m also starting a list of campaign volunteers — if you’re someone who’d like to come to the first Zoom meeting to discuss plans, comment here or drop me a PM. For that, probably most useful if you’re an Oak Parker, or at least reasonably local.

What do campaign volunteers do? Mostly, reach out to their local networks to help get my name out there, maybe organize a Zoom event for me to join (last time around, I went to people’s book clubs, game nights, etc.). When the weather improves, there’ll be some walking the blocks and leaving door hangers with material. There are a lot of different tasks that you can help with, actually, so it’s mostly a matter of joining us, and then we can figure out what would work best for you.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: I could use a little graphics help too — Jenn Reese did amazing graphics for us last time, but she’s a writer on a lot of deadlines, and isn’t available to work on this again. But she’s okay with us modifying her files — essentially, if someone can go through and change ‘library’ to ‘school’ and make it look clean and professional, that’d be super helpful.

WEBSITE: I’ve just written to two people who volunteered to help with my website, so I’m hoping to have at least the basics of that up by January 15th. Progress!

FINANCE: If you’re a finance person willing to help with making sure we’ve done all that correctly, do let me know — the woman who kindly helped us last time isn’t available now, and it’d be great to have someone else to help keep us on track. It’s all work that can be done remotely.

DONATIONS: Finally, if you’re looking to donate to my campaign (thank you!), we’ll gladly take donations from Americans (it’s against the law to take election funds from foreign nationals, sorry!). That will also hopefully be set up by January 15th.

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