A Super-Sekrit Project

I wrote about 700 words tonight — alas, it’s for a super-sekrit project, and I am bound by NDA not to tell you anything about it! But it’s pretty cool. 🙂 I feel like I need a codeword for it, as I’ll be working on it off and on over the next few months. Hm. There are garudas in it, and not in anything else I’m doing at the moment, so maybe that will do. We’ll call it the Garuda Project.

I’m particularly happy because it was one of three big things I had hanging that I’d been avoiding dealing with over the break, so it’s nice to finally start work on it. Per usual, scheduling time for co-writing helped get me off my butt and actually putting words on the page, though it did take a solid hour of reading related materials before I got to the writing part. Reading’s part of the job too, though, thankfully.

I’m going to go to bed with a bit of fluff to read. I recently read Courtney Milan’s _The Duke Who Didn’t_, which was light and charming and actually made me laugh out loud at one point, so if the story of mixed-race Chinese-British folks in the midst of a Regency (I think, not sure of my time periods) romance interests you, definitely check it out. The Chinese father in the book is my favorite. (Milan is Chinese American herself.)

I moved on last night to Cloudy with a Chance of Witchcraft, which, um, had very little in the way of actual plot tension, but was still sort of satisfying in a 40-something woman getting magic wish fulfillment kind of way — satisfying enough that I’m going to go read the sequel now.

I will say, the romance writers are WAY better at seducing me into going on to reading their next Kindle book than most SF/F folks are — they have the end of book marketing links, etc. down. I’m taking notes (literally; I took photos and we discussed it at today’s Serendib Press start-of-year meeting), because those ladies know their business.

I can’t go to RWA this year, stupid pandemic, but maybe next year, I’ll save up my pennies and go. I suspect it would repay my investment handsomely.

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