Writing / Press Release Calendar for 2021

So, making a writing / press release calendar for 2021, as I try to move Serendib Press towards producing more texts. It’s complicated! Some things I need to confirm schedule with other people before locking it down, but trying to figure out an optimal schedule can’t hurt. If I have the release dates planned out, then we can then work backwards from those to figure out production and publicity schedules for all of them.

One big thing I’m planning to add is a Patreon tier aimed at supporting RPG modules in my sci-fi universe, with a goal of sending Patrons the base game in January (I’m going to give it a revision pass today, but it’s in pretty good shape now, so I should be able to send it out tomorrow), and then a new module (each one set on a different planet, I think, ideally each tied to a different short story), every month in 2021.

That should serve a triple purpose for me — helping to build up the Patreon support (with the goal of moving towards more writing, less teaching), helping to keep me focused on that world and those stories, doing more world-building, and serving as publicity for the forthcoming Jump Space anthology. Also, RPGs are fun. 🙂

We’re also bringing out the MRAH podcast, Vegan Serendib, a digital edition of my very first book (for the first time), an expanded edition of Marshmallows of Serendib (since I’ve come up with a bunch more recipes), possibly with a picture book, and coordinating publicity with a picture book and the SF collection from other presses.

Calendars. The master calendar is my friend.


January 1: Jump Space RPG: (Patreon-only)

February 1: Mohanraj & Rosenbaum are Humans podcast launch (video access for Kickstarter & Patreon supporters only)
Jump Space module: (Patreon-only)

February 7 (tied to Valentine’s Day): Torn Shapes of Desire (erotic fiction and poetry, reissue of my very first book in its first digital edition)

March 1:
Feast of Serendib book birthday
Jump Space module: (Patreon-only)

April 1: Jump Space module (Patreon-only)

May 1: Jump Space module: (Patreon-only)

June 1: Vegan Serendib
Jump Space module (Patreon-only)

July 1: Fingers and Spoons picture book

Aug 1: Sri Lankan SF/F anthology
Jump Space module: (Patreon-only)

Sept 1: Jump Space book (Constellation and Riverdale Avenue presses) — Jed Hartman, is this the timing we’d planned on?
Jump Space module (Patreon-only)

Oct 1: Jump Space module: (Patreon-only)

Nov 1: Jump Space module: (Patreon-only)

December 1: The Marshmallows of Serendib expanded edition release
+ possible Marshmallow picture book?
+ Christmas Star story as picture book?
Jump Space module (Patreon-only)

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