Quick note that someone on a local mom list mentioned this company, Bouqs, that does subscription bouquets, starting at $39 / month.

Way back when, though money was quite tight, it became clear that fresh flowers in the house did a lot to lift my mood, esp. in winter, so Kevin and I went over our budget and figured out that we could manage $10 / week for grocery store flowers. We’ve done that ever since in winter, and then once my garden starts blooming, I’m usually cutting from there and bringing them in.

But now, we’re not actually going to the grocery store, so I have indulged in a subscription to Bouqs. They give you a good amount of flowers — for the two deliveries so far, I’ve been able to get one big arrangement and one small one out of what they send, which is very nice. The flowers arrive in good shape, and they’re beautiful. So, recommended.

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