16,214 Words

Back to the shed, head down and working. Hoping to finish off this Wild Cards story by 5-ish today. It’s going to be quite a bit short of 25K, I think — maybe 20K, all told. But this style rather lends itself to airy persiflage, so if George wants it longer, I don’t think it’ll be much trouble to add a few thousand words of entertaining nonsense. (She said blithely, knowing that it is easy to promise for the future what you won’t have to deliver today…)


I heard Reggie carol merrily as he left the room, “Oh, by the way, I mean to tell you that I received a letter from your aunt Anu – I’ve invited her to come for a visit. Won’t that be fun?”

What? I spun around, but the door had already closed firmly behind him. What an ass! Had he really invited my aunt to our home? Chills ran down my spine at the very thought. She had been sending me weekly letters since the wedding, demanding news of blessed arrival on the instant it was indicated, asking why there was no word of one as yet, wondering if Reginald and I should see a doctor, or perhaps an astrologer, learn if there was something in the stars preventing us from conceiving the next generation…

I thought I’d successfully put her off, and managed to avoid any discussion of our assiduous contraceptive practices in the process, but apparently when her efforts failed with me, she’d turned to my unwitting spouse. And I use the word ‘unwitting’ advisedly, as Reggie was surely far more lacking in wits than I’d thought him, if he could mention an aunt’s visit with such blissful approval. I was plunged into the very depths of dudgeon, and only the knowledge that we were booked to stay at Loveday House for two more days gave me any consolation. At least she couldn’t get at me here!


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