Fabulous Fiction

I do think it was rather inspired of me to cross poly & queer romantic hijinks and an overbearing South Asian aunty with a Bertie Wooster-ish (but female) pastiche — I hope George agrees.

For me, it just all fits so delightfully. Srilatha Chelliah feels like Bertie’s natural inheritor. 🙂

To try and help me get some of the tone, I re-read two collections of Wodehouse short stories in the last week (My Man Jeeves and other Early Jeeves Stories & The Inimitable Jeeves — some overlap between the two, so if you were just reading for fun, I’d pick the latter, which strings together several Jeeves stories in a loose sequence) AND the splendid Bertie & Jeeves novel, Joy in the Morning). If you’re looking for something delightful to read over winter break, I commend these unto you.

I have to say, I do rather love that a good part of my job requires me to spend a lot of time reading fabulous fiction.

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