A Contested Election

Well, it looks like my election will likely be a contested one, which I expected — so far, 5 people have filed for the 4 open D200 school board slots. We have a few more weeks for people to file, so we’ll see what happens next. Check back in the New Year, when I’ll likely be looking to start a little fundraising (only Americans can donate, sorry!), and sign up precinct captains (which is just a fancy term for people willing to walk their block for me and hand out some flyers).

“Just two sitting District 200 board members — Craig Iseli and Tom Cofsky — filed on Dec. 14. There are currently four open seats on the D200 board. It isn’t clear yet if incumbents Matt Baron and Jackie Moore intend to run for re-election.

Three challengers filed Monday for D200 board seats: former D200 board member Fred Arkin, River Forest attorney David Schrodt, Oak Park author and English professor Mary Anne Mohanraj, and Oak Park businessman Kebreab Henry, who has also served on the district’s Culture, Climate and Behavior Committee.”

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