Completely Forgotten

Oof. Radio interview done — I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN about it, so thank all the little gods that they called me and I happened to be in the house and not out raking leaves in the backyard. I don’t usually have anything scheduled on Mondays, so I hadn’t thought to check the calendar this morning. Eep.

All’s well that ends well, though — I think it went well. 🙂

I’ll note that we were on Google Meet instead of phone for this, and as a result, there’s a tiny bit of lag between me and the interviewer — it was really noticeable to me, and changed the feel of the interview somewhat, I think. (Since I just did a phone interview last week, I could compare the two.) They said Google Meet gave them better audio quality than phone often, but I wonder if that outweighs the lag effect. Hm.

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