Still in the Midst

I’m glad our university (University of Illinois at Chicago) is taking this step. We are still in the midst of a disaster.


Dear Students,

Over the course of the past several weeks, we have received requests for a change to the Fall 2020 grading policy from the Undergraduate Student Government as well as from individual students. After extensive deliberations that involved consultation with the college deans, the UIC senate, and many faculty, we are making a change to the undergraduate grading policy for courses taken in Fall 2020.

The new policy, which is detailed below, converts all grades of “D” to “Credit,” and all grades of “F” to “No Credit.”

We believe that this policy protects students who are concerned that a very low grade will harm their grade point average, while at the same time retaining the general grading policy on which students have relied all semester.

Further details about the effect of this policy on specific issues, such as the effect of a grade of ‘Credit’ on issues of progression in foreign languages and quantitative reasoning, as well as licensure requirements for some degree programs, will be provided by individual colleges and programs as necessary.

This policy applies to all undergraduate courses and to undergraduates taking graduate courses. Please read through the policy below very carefully and direct follow-up questions to your advisor.


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