May Need a Cup of Tea

Definitely writing slower than yesterday, but chugging along. May need a cup of tea to keep me going. 9780 words so far, breaking for an hour for dinner, then planning to come back to write for a few more hours. I don’t really have to get to 15,000 words; if I turn in 13,000, that’ll just leave some room for expansion in the second draft. We’ll see how it goes.


She soon discovered that attempts at preserving the girls’ modesty was mostly a sham. The joker girls all seemed to be wild junglee girls; they acted as if it didn’t matter what they did, or with whom. Since now none of them would be allowed to legally marry, maybe they had the right of it. One or the other of them was always sneaking off (and sometimes, two of them together); the other girls seemed to think it was all a big joke.

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