I Just Want to Make Eggplant Sambol, or Candles

I have GOT to get a Kickstarter for our podcast up and running, but I have NO BRAIN. NO BRAIN NO BRAIN NO BRAIN. I’d planned to have it up Nov 1, but this election, gah. I completely forgot until TODAY.

Is it a bad idea to run a Kickstarter from say, 11/6 – 12/6? That seems a little weird, but maybe not really?

We also have to run the SLF winter membership drive and start it soon, if we want to keep funding things.

And I have to post the new Patreon treat box levels.

So much money stuff. So much computer stuff. Gah gah gah. I just want to make a nice eggplant sambol instead, or maybe some candles.

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