Thank You for Your Patience

The day got away from me yesterday, somehow. I had meant to be writing fiction; I have work due for Wild Cards (sorry, Christopher Rowe, I’m working on that thing next!) AND for a sekrit project. But instead I had a department meeting and a mandatory ethics training and some late papers to grade and a host of e-mails to answer and to draft — by the end of the day, I had written no fiction, alas.

BUT, I did do some writing business, some of which is exciting, and which I think I can talk about soon. So that’s good.

AND I’m unscheduled during the day — I have Zoom office hours at 5 p.m. and a library board meeting at 6:30, and I do have to review the board packet before we meet, and Tuesdays are also the day where I record and post video for my students for the week, send out their assignments, etc. But I think there’ll be some time for writing.

My hand is almost entirely healed now — it’s still a little weak, so I occasionally try to do something and am surprised to find that it doesn’t have the strength, oops. But no pain using it, so while I was waiting to wake up this morning, I started catching up on the mask backlog, thank you for your patience, folks!

I didn’t factor a hand injury into my scheduling! That’s really why I’m quite so busy right now; I’m catching up on a week or so of enforced slowness. It’ll get better soon. I won’t be QUITE so busy. Right?


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