A New Normal for Winter

Teaching work done for the day, switching to drawing and writing for the afternoon. Did a little sewing on my lunch break (hm, should actually probably eat some lunch too, now that I think of it) — this is the next-to-last of the large-scale kintsugi masks. I can do one more with this fabric, and then I’m done, but I have enough for several of the smaller-scale.

I’m slowing down a little on mask orders, I think because most people have a good supply at the moment, but I suspect people will continue to order them through the winter, as the ones they have wear out, get lost, etc. At least the cooler weather we’re having here makes wearing masks less of a hardship — I kind of like how they keep my face toastier when I’m outdoors. A new normal for winter, perhaps.

2 thoughts on “A New Normal for Winter”

  1. Do you have a link you could share to a pattern for this type of mask? I couldn’t find anything with a web search. Thank you!

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