The Economy of the Expanse

Okay, here’s a question for all the Expanse fans out there. Do you think the economy of Earth makes sense? They have it set up that in the future, most of the planet is on ‘basic,’ as in basic income — their needs are taken care of. Fine, good.

But they also seem to take as a given that there are very few opportunities for anyone else — people wait decades for a spot in med school, for example. There’s a lottery for apprentice slots. People start small businesses, but if they get too big the government will step in. (And do what?)

I feel like I’m missing something, but I genuinely don’t get what the writers are envisioning here. Why would a society wealthy enough to provide basic income for everyone ALSO have such limited opportunities for professional development?

Does someone want to explain the economics of this to me? Is there a real world analogue?

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