Getting It Under Control

I feel like I’m finally getting things under control again — the start of the semester really did slam into me, esp. combined with e-learning. But I had time in between recording lectures today to take 15 minutes and walk around the garden, snipping little blooms off lots of different plants, and then bring them in to make two arrangements for the house this week. I haven’t done this in months, so it really is nice to have a little time for it now.

Details of what’s in each vase, left to right and top to bottom:
Set of four:
– climbing rose “Darlow’s Enigma,” Japanese anemone, Russian sage, New England Aster, butterfly bush, forget-me-not
– heuchera, sedum, weigela, bachelor’s button
– mums, aster
– Black-and-Blue salvia, Wendy’s Wish salvia, sedum, aster, other aster
Set of three:
– sedum, aster, mums
– aster and aster

– aster, great blue lobelia, butterfly bush

Remember to strip off any leaves that will sit below the water line, to avoid rot, and change water daily (giving a fresh snip to the stem) for maximum longevity.

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