So Far Today

A little mask-sewing this morning. This fabric is SO PRETTY. It just makes me happy. I think I need a dress out of it at some point.

So far today, I’ve:

– dealt with some e-mails (oh, so many more to deal with),

– checked in with my students on Slack and answered some questions (some of them are trying to do 7 classes remotely, which is a LOT of logistical stuff to keep track of, I hope they have good calendar systems that they’re transferring all their deadlines to)

– mostly ignored the kids’ e-learning, and they seem to be doing fine on their own, hooray for older kids

– was pleased to see Mr. Williams got Anand up out of the chair and moving for gym class

Next is:

– finishing up a mask

– running a rush order over to the UPS store (due to a error on my part)

– lunch break + gardening (I want to move some phlox, and there’s so much weeding, sigh)

– 12:30 – 1:15: holding Zoom office hours for my students

In the afternoon, I’m hoping to actually do some writing — I need to review what the plan is for my two Wild Cards stories, which is most of what I’ll be working on for the next month. But also it’d be good to review where the Jump Space stories are in terms of completion / revision — if I can get another one submitted this weekend, that’d be good. And a food essay, dang it. I keep saying I’m going to go back to those, and I haven’t managed it yet…

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