Free Pantry Update

Little free pantry update, and a request for help — I’ve been keeping an eye out it, and in the last few days, other people have contributed food items (thank you!), and two things have gone — peanut butter and canned tuna. I checked some lists of what food pantries are most in need of, and those are high on the list, so I’ve ordered some more, and we’re going to try to keep those in stock there; I’ll be adding canned chicken too.

Again, if you’re in a position to give funds, locally, Beyond Hunger is a great organization to donate to — they have far more reach than we do, and can buy in bulk and make your money go further. The main point of having a LFP is that it’s hyper-local, that we can try to take care of our immediate neighbors on surrounding blocks.

To that end, I want to add some flyers to our LFP telling them what other options are out there. Someone who’s just moved to the neighborhood might not know about Beyond Hunger, or about Oak Park Mutual Aid.

And while I know that some of the churches do food distribution, I don’t know any specifics. If you’re local, can you help me crowdsource a list of relevant local resources? Dropping relevant info in the comments would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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