The Right Heart

I made it to the end of this revision pass, and my SF novel, Liminal Space, stands at 79,930 words. WHEW. For those keeping track, I added close to 20K words in this drafting pass.

(Not bad work for a month of dedicated summer effort. It definitely helps that the children can mostly feed themselves breakfast and lunch at this point! If I could keep up the roughly 1000 words / day going forward, that’d give me another novel in three months…¬†¬†Christmas goals….?)

I am not quite ready to send this one to my agent — my plan is to take at least a few days, as much as a week if need be, to go through the notes that my beta readers have been sending me, and implement lots of little suggested changes.

I imagine that even if my agent likes it, he’ll have some suggested changes, and assuming we find an editor for it, they’ll have suggestions too. It’s still a long road to completely finished.

But overall, the book has the right shape, finally. The right shape, and more importantly, the right heart. I’m happy.

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