The Nice Thing About Zoom

The one nice thing about attending big Zoom meetings (this one is for my faculty union) is that you can turn off your own video and audio, listen attentively to the speakers, periodically chime in on the chat if you feel the need to say something (which I pretty much always do), and still occupy your hands for most of it with mask-sewing. 

This order had four adult mask and two child masks. I’m always a little waffly about making child masks for the 10-12 range, because honestly, Anand is that age and he wears an adult mask. Heads grow fast for some kids. I went with a slightly smaller mask, but I left the elastics as long as adult, which I hope works for the recipient — that gives them a bit of flexibility, because they can knot the elastic a bit at the back if it needs to be tighter. If I shortened the elastics, then they wouldn’t have any recourse if the mask was too tight.

Patterns for this set were Star Wars, space cats, Kintsugi, fancy books (I love that fabric so much, I really have to make myself a dress from it at some point), library love (which also might have to be a dress), and rainbow.

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