Very Very Close

It took me a while to get into writing today, but finally got to it around 11. I’d planned to go back and start implementing clean-up edits, but instead, went back into chapter 21, revising to match up better with the new material I’d added to 13, and then went on to chapter 22.

I am VERY close to done with this pass — ch. 23 is very short, and then there’s an epilogue, and then that’s it. Eep. I may come back and do that today. But lunch break first, and maybe a little sewing (I have a bunch of alterations I’ve been meaning to do, which might affect what I wear for the TV thing on Sunday, plus another set of masks that are cut and just need sewing up). We’ll see if I come back to it today or not. But we’re very very close.

Ch 1-22 revised.
76,390 words revised.
79,109 words total.

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