So Glad We Got It

Woke up at 6, made it to downstairs and to the shed by 6:30, but e-mail and random posting and such has now taken it to 8. I get torn about whether I should just dive into writing first, or let myself ‘clear the decks’ of lingering things so I’m not stressing about them. I guess I’m not being very systematic about that, and it seems to be working okay, so maybe I shouldn’t fret.

On to chapter 8 revisions. Amused by the view from my writing chair.

I’m afraid we’re going to have to drain and move the pool — there was a 3″ dip in the base when we installed it, and Intex said 3″ was okay, but over 10 days, the lower end has sunk a little deeper, and we’re afraid of support struts snapping, which would be very sad.

So we’ll need to empty the pool (killing more grass with chlorinated water, but that’s okay, I’m not so attached to grass), take it down, move the tarp to a flatter part of the yard, put it up again, refill it. A slightly complex two-day process, but I think worthwhile for another month of happy swimming.

Yesterday was the first day I didn’t get in the pool since we got it, and it was only because I was scheduled morning to night, pretty much. But Kevin and Anand went for a swim, so it was not too neglected. So glad we got it.

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