I Got to Describe a Garden

Well, got to writing quite a bit later today, but wrote from 10:30 – 1, and more importantly, got another chapter revised. Up to 21,200 words, which I think is about a quarter of the way through?

I have about 3.5 weeks before the semester starts, so I’m basically on pace to finish in time — in theory, I even have a few extra days in there, but I need at least 2 of those days for Wild Cards writing work. I’m hoping the speed will pick up a little as I go deeper into the book; we’ll see.

But I wrote two new scenes this time, which is great — mostly I’ve been rearranging and revising up until this point, but the book really did need some new scenes too. And Maya even got to have a little fun in this chapter, so that’s good.  And I got to describe a garden…

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