Chapter 6 Revised

9:30 — Chapter 6 revised, up to 17,562 words. I’m not sure I love this chapter, but that may just be because I didn’t get quite enough sleep and am feeling a little groggy. Also because it’s kind of an oppressive chapter for my poor protagonist? She is quietly miserable, so maybe that’s seeping out. Poor Maya. I had better give her SOMETHING nice in the next chapter…

My 10 a.m. meeting rescheduled for next week, so now I have a little time. Maybe a nap? I’m not good at napping. Probably finishing my hemming instead, maybe post some photos.

At 11, meeting online with Margaret for a comic work session, and it’d be good if I did a little prep for that. Then lunch break, then Panopto training for teaching this fall, then Serendib work session, then a break from 4-6:30 (swimming!), then monthly library board meeting from 6:30 – 9 or so.

Full workday today. Little catnap might be a good idea. 

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