Decal Project #3

I told you that I was in the midst of decal projects, right? Here’s decal project #3 — privacy film for our bedroom. I am slowly turning our bedroom into Cair Paravel (that’s my summer project), the castle in Narnia. So when I went looking for window film, I chose an old English style.

We’ve lived in this house for 10 years now, and I kind of can’t believe it’s taken me this long to put privacy film on that window — yes, we have sheers, which we use, but in spring and autumn we usually have the AC off and the window open. With the privacy film, we can drop the top window, get a cross-breeze, and still not worry about flashing the neighbors accidentally. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that too. 🙂

Took about 10 minutes to install, with a scissors for trimming to size (X-acto knife would have been even easier, but I was too lazy to go dig one up), a spray bottle for water, and the included squeegee.

I have enough left for another window of the same size, not sure if I want to use it elsewhere; we’ll see. May well end up giving it away, so if you’re local and lusting after it, holler.

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