Fly, Little Story

Okay, the story that’s been sitting waiting to be submitted for months for no good reason, I’ve finally re-read, changed one word, and now submitted. Fly, little story. Fly fast!

Hey, I now have two, TWO, short stories out on submission, which I think hasn’t been true since, oh, grad school back in 2003 or so? Eep. I tell my creative writing students that it’s a good idea to aim for 3-5 stories out at any given time, just to keep things going, not get stuck waiting for a response on one story, etc.

Physician, heal thyself! Maybe I can get another story out this week. Or two, or three? I have several that are close to done. Hmm… It’d be nice if this could be the week of finishing things.


“This is your – spawn?”

“Daughter,” Sergey corrected, smiling up at his tall friend, who had stepped out of the temple gate to greet him. “Spawn is technically correct, Bila, but humans prefer child, son, or daughter. Daughter indicates a female child.”

The Marithei bowed down to peer closely at Katya, the pale green fronds that framed his face going temporarily flat. Sergey appreciated the gesture – otherwise, they might have brushed against the baby and tickled her awake. “How can you know the sex so young?”

Sergey said, “Well, you can’t, really. But humans like to take a first approximation. It’s convenient.”

Bila straightened, shrugging, a smooth gesture that involved his whole body, or what could be seen of it under the loose cloak that most Marithei wore in public. “That seems confusing…”


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