Laundry Room and Master Closet Upgrade

Laundry room / master closet upgrade. I admit, when I buy this kind of thing from Pottery Barn, I can’t help thinking of that Friends apothecary chest episode where Phoebe is all about the fabulous unique cheap find from the flea market and her friends are buying things from Pottery Barn and lying to her about those items not being mass-produced and also overpriced, and then she finds out and she’s outraged, but also eventually has to admit that she loves the mass-produced apothecary chest, etc.

Similarly, I love this mango wood jewelry organizer. It is designed to efficiently hold bangles, which was the main reason I bought it; I was using a cup holding stand for bangle storage, and this is better, clearing up some counter space, yay. I also really like the overall aesthetic, and how well it hangs hook-style earrings (it’s not ideal for studs, but I have a little peacock organizer I use for those).

AND it’s both sustainably sourced and fair-trade, which didn’t used to be a thing Pottery Barn did, and that makes me feel slightly better about the whole thing. It’s less troubling buying overpriced tchotchkes from distant lands if you know the artisans who made the item are actually getting a decent wage for it, AND you’re not destroying a rainforest in the process.

I wish I could have hung it a little lower on the wall; I think that would look slightly better, given the windows right above. But then the necklaces would be hanging so low that they’d be hard to see and select from — functionality trumps pure aesthetics here.

Still want to add a replacement shelf above the washer/dryer, but it means digging up the name of the people who originally did the built-in shelving in this room a decade ago. Closet-something or other, I think. And it might be a month or two before we can budget for that, but coming along, coming along… (gotta sell some more cookbooks firstĀ )

It’s funny, I’m hardly wearing jewelry at all, in these pandemic times, but as I was transferring jewelry over and thinking I should probably get rid of some it, I have a lot, I realized that most of it is weighted with sentimental freight. These are the earrings and bangles from my sister’s wedding, these are from my other sister’s. This is the green glass pendant my in-laws gave me, that they found at a local art fair, my favorite piece of jewelry for many years.

These are the tiny ruby studs that I bought myself after grad school, the first ‘real’ piece of jewelry I bought for myself, and probably overpriced, but still somewhat significant in a “I’m a grown-up now and I can buy myself jewelry if I want, I don’t have to wait for my parents or a guy to give it to me” kind of way. Etc. and so on. Reason enough for keeping them, for now, at least. Eventually, I imagine Kavi will start raiding them…


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