Approaches to Landscaping

Two apartment complexes (or condos? can’t tell) from this morning’s walk with Anand, with VERY different approaches to landscaping. The first is basically sunny grass with some probably volunteer orange daylilies. Perfectly nice and cheery, nothing wrong with it.

The second has boxwood borders, lots of trees, making the whole space shady, benches, and lots of annual plantings of both Victorian-style bedding plants and big containers, bringing color into the space — and there’s even a little patio area, perfect for morning coffee with the paper, or sitting and reading while your little kid runs around the courtyard…

Obviously, the second option cost quite a bit more, both in initial hardscaping / planting, and in upkeep. But if I were looking for an Oak Park apartment, I’d hope to be able to pay a little more a month for the second option; they’ve really made the space into an additional outdoor living space, instead of just someplace you pass through. And the little arch that leads to the parking lot is charming too.

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